How To Conceal Acne With Makeup

How To Conceal Acne With Makeup. The best ways to hide your acne with your makeup . Easy tips to f...

How To Conceal Acne With Makeup. The best ways to hide your acne with your makeup. Easy tips to follow for a flawless face and an acne free face with makeup. When trying to conceal and properly hide your acne always use a paint brush with synthetic bristles to apply your concealer over your pimples.

The short bristles will allow you to dot on your concealer more precisely than you can with your fingers. Using your fingers can be tricky anyway since it can spread bacteria. Short bristle paint brushes are also alot cheaper then regular makeup brushes.

Heres how it works the next time you get a pimple and break out (god forbid) dip a small paintbrush in your creamy concealer. You can purchase a small paintbrush from any art store. Once you have grabbed your concealer on your paint brush dab the concealer on your pimple or anywhere you want coverage. Then blend the color out until it covers the red area. To finish off your look dust translucent powder over the concealer to set it.


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jamie said...

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