Lobe Wonder Ear Support Patches Review

Lobe Wonder Ear Support Patches Review. If you love wearing heavy and unique earring like most celebrities, there is a secret to wearing th...

Lobe Wonder Ear Support Patches Review. If you love wearing heavy and unique earring like most celebrities, there is a secret to wearing them. A little patch that you wear with your earrings so that your ear hole doesn't stretch and it takes the weight off your ear so you ears don't weighted down.

What Lobe Wonder Says it Does :
  • Lobe Wonder Support Patches work to repair the appearance of torn damaged and stretched ear lobes instantly!
  • Each self adhesive oval patch is super-reinforced with a criss-cross network to strengthen and support ear lobes.
  • Your ear lobes will look natural not stretched and dragged down by the weight of heavy earrings.
  • Worn behind your ear lobe these invisible patches are the perfect remedy to the problem of heavy pierced earrings tearing.
What I Say It Does: I decided to try the Lobe Wonders because I love the look of heavy earrings but they can really stretch your ears out. One box cost $7.75 without the cost of shipping. You receive about 60 patches in each box so it should last a while depending on how often you wear heavy earrings. Note: they can also be worn if you have ripped holes or torn stretched ear lobes.

I decided to try my Lobe Wonders with two different kind of earrings, the kind where the post comes together in the back and the kind that self closes. I find that the Lobe Wonders works best with earring in which you have to close with a post. Overall I give the Lobe Wonders 3 out of 5 stars. They did make my earrings less heavy making them easier to wear, but you can't wear them with every type of earrings. I also wish they there were less visible since I find if I want to wear them with a ponytail others can easily see the patches. Plus the backing can be very sticky and sometimes gets caught up in my hair. Within the next month I will be purchasing another brand of earring patches for heavy earrings and giving my review on those as well. Until then you can purchase Lobe Wonders on amazon. Many love them and you probably will if you prefer posts with your heavy earrings instead of ones that close.


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