Color On Pro Instant Eyeshadow Review

Color On Pro Instant Eyeshadow Review. The new Color On Pro is a fast way for woman to get instant eyeshadow for amazing eyes. There's ...

Color On Pro Instant Eyeshadow Review. The new Color On Pro is a fast way for woman to get instant eyeshadow for amazing eyes. There's alot of talk about this product since many wonder how it will work since many woman have different eye shapes. The Color On Pro is a sticker that you simply press against your eye for instant eye shadow.

Let me start off by saying that I'm pretty new to eye makeup. I've really just started playing up my eyes so when I heard about this product I became very interested. When I found out that Sephora started featuring the line I knew it was time to try It. I trust Sephora and they only work with the best of the best.

I purchased the Eye Envy Collection from Color On Pro that was a smokey eye kit. The kit featured 5 smokey eye designs that went as follows, two dark blackish bluish hues, two golden, and one reddish color. (The pictures of the kit are below and yes they have been used). Also in the kit you receive a setting powder and brush to help hold your color.

The way the kit works is simple, you place the sticker over your eye, smooth down the sticker, peel, blend and set it with powder. I must say that as a beginner to eye makeup I get professional results with little effort. The best thing about this product is that it cost roughly around 25 dollars and you can use the stickers again and again. Its really a great deal I've used the same sticker at least 5 or 6 times and there's still some product left on it. The eyeshadow that comes out is creamy so its easy to blend to adjust to your eye shape. I think that overall this is a great product for busy woman who want eye makeup fast, or for woman who want amazing eye makeup with little effort or skills. You can use this product to create everyday looks or for the night out on the town.

Me Wearing the Color On Pro (Note in person the color looks more blended like the model in the picture)


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