Dior Transatlantique Makeup Collection for Spring 2014

Dior Transatlantique Makeup Collection for Spring 2014. Craving even more bold colors for spring? ...

Dior Transatlantique Makeup Collection for Spring 2014. Craving even more bold colors for spring? Then check out the latest from Dior. Their Transatlantique collection features shades of red, blue, and nudes in the form of lipstick, nail colors, and palettes. Avavible in stores now look below for more details.

Nude Tan Golden Shimmer Powder Transatlantique – New & Limited Edition – $58.00

The elegant golden shimmer compact is embossed with a delicate rope pattern and creates absolute radiance on the skin. The finely milled iridescent pigments create a soft golden glow on the skin as if kissed by the sun. The limited edition compact is delivered with a mini kabuki brush.

Voyage 5 Couleur Eyeshadow Palette – New & Limited Edition – $60.00

This exclusive palette in a harmony of sea blues and sunset golds is named exclusively for Saks.

Rouge Dior Couture Colour & Voluptuous Care Lipstick – New & Limited Edition – $34.00


    Sunrise – warm hue of blushing pink
    Sunset -  warm and fiery red

Dior Addict Gloss Mirror Shine Volume & Care – New & Limited Edition – $29.50


    Beige Songe – soft sandy shimmering beige
    Rouge Defendu – pure bold nautical red

Voyage Transatlantique Vernis – New & Limited Edition – $30.00

    No.750 Captain – vivid red
    No.700 Sailor – deep ultramarine
    No.210 Yacht – sandy beige



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