Guest Post From Monica- Changing Your Mascara Wands To Create The Perfect Mascara

Guest Post From Monica - Changing Your Mascara Wands To Create The Perfect Mascara. Hey Beauties,...

Guest Post From Monica- Changing Your Mascara Wands To Create The Perfect Mascara. Hey Beauties, I have yet another guest post from a lovely reader. Monica from Glitz n Glamour Makeup. She does alot of great mascara reviews so be sure to check her blog out if you love eye looks.  Remember if you want to do your own guest post simply email me at and I'll tell you how your post can get featured as well.
-Hey everyone!  I'm Monica, and I'm from a blog called Glitz n Glamour Makeup!  You can find me at :)  I first wanted to thank Danielle for allowing me to do a guest review!

The product I'm reviewing today are Maybelline mascaras.  I had picked up a Maybelline Colossal mascara a while back, and although I loved the brush, I had gotten brown instead of black.  I had also picked up Maybelline classic mascara, and even though the formula was pretty good I hated the brush.  Since I was going to through them out anyways, I thought:  Hm..  Would the Colossal brush work in the Classic bottle?

And voila!  My favorite mascara was born.

Not only does switching the brushes around work with the Classic and Colossal, but it works with One by One, Falsies, MegaPlush, and any other Volum' Express mascaras! 

The more important question is:  Does it work well??  Here are my bare eyelashes, I didn't curl them.

As compared to.... 
One coat of the Classic/Colossal mascara!

Eyes closed with Classic/Colossal mascara.

 I really liked the mixture of volume and length this gave me. I had no problems with it flaking/smudging during the day. Buying two new tubes of mascara just to do this may not be logical, but you already own some Maybelline mascaras that you don't completely love, I'd recommend it. Be sure to clean the brushes well before switching them. So what do you think, would you try this? If you do, tell us what combination you used in the comments! Thanks for reading, and please check out my blog! xoxo Monica


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