Lip Colors Complimenting Brown Eyes

Lip Colors Complimenting Brown Eyes . If you have brown eyes, chances are that selecting a lip color that compliments your eyes would be qui...

Lip Colors Complimenting Brown Eyes. If you have brown eyes, chances are that selecting a lip color that compliments your eyes would be quite an ordeal. The trick is to stay away from those frosty pinks and stick to shades that compliment your eye color, like deep red, cinnamon shade, terracotta, burnt coffee et al. Get into your favorite beauty products store and spend some time in trying the shades on. Since yours in a difficult shade to choose, you need to make sure that you try a shade enough number of times before actually buying it.

The following tips will help you select the best shades –

• Brown eyes need bright and happy colors and light up the entire face when paired with one. So, try cinnamon, coral or a lighter shade of geranium to get a different look.
• Bronze has been a lifesaver for people with brown eyes and if used with a green undertone, it can do wonders to your face.
• Muddy colors like Ochre and yellow with green hues are an outrageous faux pas for people with brown eyes. They make your face look pale and pasty, so stay away from those.
• Red is class and has been a must-have-in-your-makeup box color but if you have brown eyes, you need to be a little careful before going for it. Combine it with undertones of orange for an elegant look.
• Deep purple with a creamy texture or matte finish will look chic for the brown-eyed beauties.
• Golden reds and corals are good for golden brown eyes. Add some gold undertone and you have a winner look.

Finishing is almost as important as the color because it can make or break the entire look. Matte, Stain or Gloss finish can change the shade drastically but not every finish goes with every outfit. You can decide about the finish by looking at the accessories you are planning to wear with the outfit. Simply changing your favorite shade’s finish can give you an entirely new look and make people yearning to know your secret. However, keep it simple to keep it stylish and remember the golden rules of fashion to get the ultimate haute look.
Lisa Lyttle is a beauty expert and an aspiring hairstylist. Apart from makeup, Lyttle also enjoys tampering with wigs for kids to create unique new looks.


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