Yves Saint Laurent Candy Face Makeup Collection

Yves Saint Laurent Candy Face Makeup Collection - Spring 2012 . For candy inspired makeup looks this...

Yves Saint Laurent Candy Face Makeup Collection - Spring 2012. For candy inspired makeup looks this spring, Yves Saint Laurent gives us the perfect blend of soft pastels and vibrant hues to lust over. From bold nail hues, to lipsticks, and eye palettes. Look below to view shades that will be available in this candy inspired collection.

Ombre 5 Lumieres Palette
A limited edition House of Fraser exclusive, the Ombre 5 Lumieres Palette features five gorgeous shimmery brights that will make your eyes radiate joy. Sky blue, light green, soft pink, bright yellow and purple infused with soft shimmer pigment make the colors irresistible and perfect for a day to evening look!

Vinyl Candy Palette
A lovely makeup quad featuring the YSL logo imprinted on two of the four gorgeous hues that can be used individually or combined depending on personal preference. It includes two pearly shades, raspberry and lilac, and two satin, blackcurrant and rose petals.

Voile De Blush

YSL has created the most amazing water based blushes that feature a transparent finish and a moisturizing formula, so your skin can be enhanced to perfection in the most natural and sublime manner. The soft shimmery pigments will give the skin a natural glow that can be intensified by layering the product. Four hues will be available for purchase, so pick your favorite:

No.1 Voile Carmin
No.2 Voile Corail
No.3 Voile Rose
No.4 Unknown

Rouge Volupte Perle

No.113 - Iridescent Burgundy
No.114 - Sparkling Fuchsia
No.115 - Shimmering Coral
No.116 - Milky Pink

Volupté Sheer Candy

No.7 - Figue Gourmande
No.8 - Prune Frappée
No.9 - Goyave Sorbet
No.10 - Mandarine Acidulée

Golden Gloss

No. 49 - Golden Violet
No. 50 - Golden Peach

Duo Manucure Couture

No.7 – Brown and Green
No.8 – Pink and Orange

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