Clarins Mosaique Makeup Collection For Summer 2011

Clarins Mosaique Makeup Collection For Summer 2011. Bringing a touch of summer to our lips is the Clarins Mosaique Makeup Collection. It fea...

Clarins Mosaique Makeup Collection For Summer 2011. Bringing a touch of summer to our lips is the Clarins Mosaique Makeup Collection. It features an amazing new product called Quench Lip Balm that has a light weight feel but also a whole lot of color. Look below to see what else is in the collection.

Mosaic, a timeless decorative motif, has crossed the ages to reach us in all its beautiful splendour. As an ornament of Roman baths, frescoes in the elegant homes of ancient Pompeii or the sumptuous decoration of Byzantine basilicas… the mosaic has been a major, refined art in all Western

This summer, Clarins has taken its inspiration from the rich forms and colours in the mosaic universe to offer a vibrant make-up collection full of sun and vitality. For lips, a fresco of bright, sparkling colours which contrast and correspond: pink, coral, fuchsia, ice brown… The complexion, naturally enhanced with warm, luminous shades, highlights eyes simply emphasized with an electric hue.

Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm

An innovation from Clarins Laboratories, offering a multitude of benefits:
- The shape and smoothness of a lipstick.
- The transparency of a gloss.
- The subtle colouring of a sheer lipstick.
- The comfort of a balm.

Wonder Waterproof Mascara

Ultra-resistant, ultra-volumizing, it perfectly lengthens lashes and ensures intensely
coloured, protective make-up. Lashes are flawlessly coated, curled and beautiful, and
protected from water, smudging and tears.

Colour Quench Lip Balm Long-Lasting Moisture & Shine

It offers reinforced skin care effectiveness, since lips are extremely fragile and quickly dry out. The skin is five times finer on lips compared to the face. It has few sebaceous glands and no hydrolipidic film. This is why Clarins has boosted the new formula of Colour Quench Lip Balm with skin care ingredients, to ensure nourished, soothed, protected and intensively hydrated lips. Acting like a repairing concentrate, the comforting formula soothes lips, even those that are damaged or weakened.

Fresh, sparkling, fruity shades-Strawberry sorbet, peach nectar, candy pink… 8 delicious shades to consume without moderation, for perfectly coloured lips with a transparent shine.
Delightful tubes!

This balm with its delicious fragrance of red fruits, comes in a little crystal tube just like a stick of candy. It’s impossible to resist!

Summer Bronzing Compact SPF 10

The must-have for a complexion bathed in sunshine!
In creating the Mosaïque collection, Clarins honors this timeless decorative art where forms and colours express warmth and refinement. The must-have of the season is Mosaïque Summer Bronzing Compact, a striking, elegant caramel-coloured case containing a powder with a sumptuous mosaic motif which reflects the richness of this ances
tral art.



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I love the color!

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The products from Clarins all with a difference specially the lipstick which could also be used as lip balm cum gloss...would be extremely helpful.

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I really like your bolg!
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