NARS Fall 2014 Makeup Collection

Nars is once again turning up the heat with their new collection for fall 2014 which is actually in...

Nars is once again turning up the heat with their new collection for fall 2014 which is actually inspired by the lifestyle of the ’70. I think it's amazing that the collection is isnpired by the 70's since when it comes to fashion this season so many retro styles are making a comeback...

In the new fall collection Nars will also be introducing quite a few new shades including the
new Night Series Eyeliner, which is inspired by the famous “Night Series” of NARS Single Eye Shadow in pearl and sparkling dense colors. I'm pretty sure these shades will look amazing on the lids. The full collection will be available in stores July 15. Look below for more details.

Blush – New & Permanent – $30.00

    No.4045 Unlawful – Amber pink with silver pearls

Duo Eye Shadow – Limited Edition – $35.00

    No.3901 Dollomites – shiny rose quartz/ chocolate
    No.3900 Jadin Perdu – dove grey/ metallic amethyst

Matte Multiple – Limited Edition – $39.00

    No.1587 Mauritanie – strawberry red

Satin Lip Pencil – $25.00

    No.9221 Bansar – rose brown (New, Permanent)
    No.9220 Mandore – cranberry (Limited Edition)

Night Series Eyeliner – New – $24.00

    No.8028 Night Porter – black with green pearl
    No.8025 Night Flight – black with cobalt blue pearl
    No.8027 Night Clubbing – black with gold pearl
    No.8026 Night Bird – black with purple pearl



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