Mac Holiday 2008 Collection Little Darlings.

Mac Holiday 2008 Collection Little Darlings . Little Darlings is one of the Mac Holiday 2008 collections . Ohh how I Adore the Holidays , a...

Mac Holiday 2008 Collection Little Darlings. Little Darlings is one of the Mac Holiday 2008 collections. Ohh how I Adore the Holidays, and makeup and this collection. Here's what the collection is all about the best sellers from MAC are gathered together wrapped in glossy patent paper. The collection offers 5 coral, pink, and neutral lipglass/lusterglass, 5 warm pigments, 5 cool pigments, and 5 softsparkle eye penicls. The bottom line I can't wait for this collection to hit stores. We can all grab this collection November 7 in both the stores and online.

Everything in the collection

Little Darlings: 5 Coral Lipglass/Lustreglass

  • Lipglass Underage, Ola Mango!, Pink Grapefruit
  • Lustreglass Wonderstruck, Budding

Little Darlings: 5 Pink Lipglass/Lustreglass

  • Lipglass Fleur Delight, Song And Dance, Magnetique
  • Lustreglass Flashmode, Little VI

Little Darlings: 5 Neutral Lipglass/Lustreglass

  • Lipglass C-Thru, Mouthwatering, Languish
  • Lustreglass Love Nectar, Beaux Suggested Retail Price

Little Darlings: 5 Warm Pigments/Glitter

  • Pigments Gold Dusk, Gold Mode, Melon, Gold Stroke
  • Glitter Reflects Antique

Little Darlings: 5 Cool Pigments/Glitter

  • Pigments Frost, Quietly, Pinked Mauve, Teal
  • Glitter Reflects Blackened Red

Little Darlings: 5 Softsparkle/Eye Pencil

  • Black Funk, Fab Orchid Softsparkle Peacocked, Mint & Olive, Chocolight
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