Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora for Spring 2013

Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora for Spring 2013. Last year, the big kid in all of us rejoiced at the Sephora's Disney collection, ...

Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora for Spring 2013. Last year, the big kid in all of us rejoiced at the Sephora's Disney collection, and like many of you I loved the fun colors and hues behind the line. This year and hitting stores this Spring, Sephora introduces the Jasmine collection, which of course is inspired by the lovely Princess Jasmine.What I adore about this collection is not only does it feature my favorite Princess :) , but the colors are so pigmented and contain rich jeweled colors perfect for brown girls. Look below for more details..

    Make your own magic with Disney’s Jasmine Collection by Sephora. Each product has been created with the modern Princess in mind. Discover eyeshadow palettes with exotic shades, an intoxicating fragrant elixir, and an eyeliner set that will give you the sultry gaze of a Princess. With rich colors and dramatic detailing, each piece is as collectible and covetable as a palace gem.

Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Vol 2. ($55.00) (Limited Edition)
Adorn yourself with this fantastical collection of fairy tale-inspired formulas for eyes and cheeks. From Jasmine’s tiara and Rajah’s fur, to sunsets, desert sands, and a vibrant magic carpet, each shade has been matched to the film’s original animation. The storybook encasing is decorated with shimmering details and inside a satin tray holds the silky formulas glamorously fit for a Princess.

    Eyeshadows Blue Oasis, Trust Me, Abu, Ali Ababwa, Sultana, Friend Like Me, Master, Cosmic, Cave of Wonders, Sand in the Glass, Lapis, Mystical Wonder, Rajah, Arabian Sunset, Bazaar
    Blush Thrilling Chase
    Bronzer Golden Sands

Magic Carpet Ride Eyeshadow Palette ($30.00) (Limited Edition)

Allow yourself to fall in love with this palette of luminous shadows that capture the enchantment of the film’s iconic magic carpet ride. Inspired by the starry glow, lavender sky, gleaming moon, and Jasmine’s classic turquoise outfit, each shadow promises to illuminate you and your mood.

    Carpet Glittery violet
    Wonder by Wonder Glitter lavender
    Splendid Glittery peachy pink
    Diamond Sky Deep turquoise

Three Wishes Eyeliner Set ($42.00) (Limited Edition)

Flash stunning, seductive eyes with these eyeliners inspired by Jasmine’s always-alluring look. Experiment with the versatile formulas, using the liquid liner for increased drama, the gel-cream liner for ultimate precision, and the chunky, black pencil for an intense, smoky eye.

A Whole New World Fragrance ($58.00/$19.00) (Limited Edition)

Enchanting as magic itself, this alluring blend of exotic flowers and rich, warm woods is fit for a diamond in the rough. Empowering and seductive, this tempting fragrance will allow you to be the master of your own destiny. So go ahead, make your own magic. Notes: Carnation, Orange Blossom, Mandarin, Gardenia, Mimosa, Musky Accord, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Amber, Benzoin.

The Palace Jewel Compact Mirror ($20.00) (Limited Edition)

Take a peek inside and love what you see with this gorgeous compact mirror, reminiscent of a palace treasure. Embellished with rich jewel tones and luxurious details, this purse essential speaks to Jasmine’s view of the world beyond the palace gates. Let this treasure be a reminder that only you are truly in control of your fate.

One is Never Enough Nail Set ($24.50) (Limited Edition)

Explore your options with this set of radiant, classically elegant nail polishes inspired by the beautiful Princess Jasmine. From ripe, rich berry to soft lilac and glittery orange, paint your tips however you wish again and again.

    Berry Tale Romance Dark berry
    Your Wish Is My Command Lilac
    Fit for Royalty Pearlized purple
    Dream Princess Clear with light sparkles
    All That Jasmine Light turquoise
    Aladdin’s Girl Pearlized, glittery dark orange

A Whole New World Perfumed Body Shimmer ($45.00) (Limited Edition)

Dazzle and sparkle with this perfectly indulgent body shimmer fragrant with mystique. The rich, twinkling shimmers are infused with an exotic bouquet of orange blossom, mandarin, mimosa, warm woods, and a hint of vanilla.



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