Ways To Store Your Makeup Vanities

Ways To Store Your Makeup Vanities. Recently as many of you might know, I talked about one of the new ways I'll be storing my makeup i...

Ways To Store Your Makeup Vanities. Recently as many of you might know, I talked about one of the new ways I'll be storing my makeup is by using a vanity. I'll be putting pics up as soon as it arrives, but until than I wanted to help my fellow beauty addicts with different ways you can store your precious makeup items. If you don't have some type of way that you are storing your makeup you really should. Storing your makeup makes things easier for you to find different products and colors, and get ready faster when planning and doing your makeup look. Many people choose vanities because they offer easy storage solutions ( many contains drawers where you can place your makeup). Plus they are also a great place to do your makeup each and every morning. Look below to see some of my favorite choices in vanities for storing makeup.

Lilac Vanity Available at PBTEEN ( plenty of draws to store makeup)

Lilac Desk & Vanity Mirror Hutch Available at PBTEEN

Simply Shabby Chic™ Vanity Table ( for the ones with smaller collections or don't have alot of space in your room)

Vanity and Upholstered Bench available at target

Jewelry Armoire Vanity and Bench available at target

MALM Dressing table ( this is the one I purchased it contains soft felt trays for makeup) available at ikea



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Rosee Rouge said...

good idea! now what if you don't have one but you have a desk with no drawers? any ideas?

Carlinn said...

I like the malm one! :)

Unknown said...

good question Rosie and I'll talk about that next week. I have some really good ways too so make sure you check back :)

and thanks superficialgirl I like your name!

Ear Candie said...

I Love love love vanities and have wanted a vanity for as long as I can remember. I am saving up for the one in PB teen I have wanted that one specifically for a few years now but its soo expensive tho I know it will be worth it.



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