Ways To Store Makeup - Containers

Ways To Store Makeup - Containers . Last week I talked about one of the ways you can store your makeup is with a vanity , and while vanities...

Ways To Store Makeup - Containers. Last week I talked about one of the ways you can store your makeup is with a vanity, and while vanities are great not everyone can afford them. Or you might not have the room for it in your bedroom. Which is why containers are a great solution to storing your precious items.

Containers are convent and with so many different styles and designs containers make it easy to find something that fits your needs. At the moment I'm using two containers which I will show you below. You can purchase containers at practically any store including Target, Walmart, or K-mart. Ikea also has some great container solutions for makeup.

Sterilite 3-Drawer Wide Cart, White- Walmart ( I have something similar to this in my bedroom and each draw as it's own makeup section IE blush, eyeshadow etc)

Sterilite 7-Drawer Cart, Set of 2 ( for the ones with the big collections)

Sterilite 58-Quart Storage Box, Set of 8- ( I use this also and I always put items such as makeup brush bags, and extra items I don't use everyday).

I hope these ideas help and next week I'll have even more ways you can store your makeup :)



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