Bare Minerals Tinted Illuminating Mineral Veil Review

Bare Minerals Tinted Illuminating Mineral Veil Review. For those of you who read my blog frequently you know that I love and adore could not...

Bare Minerals Tinted Illuminating Mineral Veil Review. For those of you who read my blog frequently you know that I love and adore could not live without my tinted mineral veil. Its my biggest beauty product. Last month I believe Bare Minerals was on qvc celebrating its anniversary and I picked up the Tinted Illuminating Mineral Veil. If you're not sure what mineral veil does it gets rid of the oily parts on my skin and its great all year round and perfect for summer days. If your skin is oily often you should really try mineral veil.

What Bare Minerals Says It Does:
Tinted Feather Light Mineral Veil is completely sheer and versatile enough for all skin tones. It provides a soft glow with a hint of warm tint and keeps skin looking photo-fabulous all day long. Light-refracting pearls float over your complexion with weightless transparency for a radiant, delicately ethereal softness. It's a complexion perfectionist. 100% pure bareMinerals offers the ultimate, translucent finishing touch with a hint of warm tint to your makeup. Feather-light, completely sheer, and versatile, it morphs into skin, infusing it with softness and light for a dewy, soft-focus finish. It absorbs excess oil, minimizes the appearance of pores, and keeps skin soft and fresh. So sheer, it works for all skin tones.

What I Say It Does:
Overall this is a very nice product to have if you want a soft glow for special events like prom, a wedding, a date or some type of party. I would not recommend it for every day use because it creates such a soft glow that It only makes sense to wear it for special occasions. Like the original it gets rid of oily spots (without making your skin look dry) and it gives a nice tint to my skin but it also creates a heavenly glow. I will stick to the regular tinted mineral veil for everyday use and use the illuminating one for special days. It work for all skin tones and creates a dewy look while getting rid of oil. As far as minimizing pores I did not personally experience that but its still a great product for getting rid of oil. If you love the results you can pickup one from qvc.

Swatches of The Tinted Illuminating Mineral Veil

Tinted Illuminating Mineral Veil Shown Blended Into My Skin ( You can see the soft sparkles that create a glow, the original one contains no sparkles)



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I am looking for this product...Where can i find it...I have searched and searched!



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