2012 Holiday Hairstyles, Makeup, and Nail Trends

2012 Holiday Hairstyles, Makeup, and Nail Trends. As the festive season begins, it's time to attend countless holiday parties, family g...

2012 Holiday Hairstyles, Makeup, and Nail Trends. As the festive season begins, it's time to attend countless holiday parties, family get togethers and plenty of joyous occasions. It also means we have to look our very best. Which means white teeth, perfect hair, flawless makeup and spot on trend nails. Seems like a lot of work, but in the end it's all worth it knowing you look and feel your very best.

Lets start with the hair. 2012 marks the year of short hair, and while shorter styles might not be your preferred look, there are tons of longer variations you can play around with as well. The holidays are of course the perfect time of year to let your hair down. Style your locks this season in bouncy curls, loose updos, braided hairstyles or a simple high bun. If you do so happen to have a shorter style, add something different to your everyday style to make the look unique and special for holiday events. Something as small as a hair accessory or tight curls can be a great way to go. Make sure you select a hairstyle that is traditional, timeless, and works well with your face shape. Chances are you'll be taking tons of pictures, and you'll want to choose a style that will look good throughout the ages.

While whiter teeth are not a must, they certainly will look nice in holiday photos. Everyone might not have he time to whiten their teeth, which is why red lipstick and cherry lipgloss can easily become your best friend. These two items can help your teeth appear whiter without even trying, and who doesn't want that. Pair up your gorgeous white smile, and smashing red lips with golden / or silver eyes for an extra twinkle. If you are fair go for silver tones / white hue to place near the inner corners of your eyes. While darker and tan complexions should stick to gold and earth tones. By featuring shades that have glitter or golden flecks, you will instantly make your eyes appear brighter, wider and as if you're full of holiday joy. Finish the look with false eyelashes, and soft glowing cherry cheeks.

Nails this season feature tons of sparkling details, and traditional holiday colors of golds, greens, reds, and silvers. These looks go perfectly with our holiday makeup and outfit choices. Get creative with your nails by adding your own designs such dipped dyed looks heavy embellishments, a half-moon design. You can also go with classic french tips to keep things timeless.

I hope these tips have helped you, and enjoy all of your holiday festivities!



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Belinda@Spa Esthetician said...

That's really beautiful. Love those red lips in there. It's kinda daring!

Unknown said...

Really beautiful nails trends and love it red lips.




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