Sonia Rykiel Fall 2012 Makeup Collection

Sonia Rykiel Fall 2012 Makeup Collection. Check out the latest from Sonia Rykiel. This fall she brings us new eyeshadow duos, and 2 differ...

Sonia Rykiel Fall 2012 Makeup Collection. Check out the latest from Sonia Rykiel. This fall she brings us new eyeshadow duos, and 2 different formulas of lipstick to love. Look below to check out her full collection details

Eyeshadow Duo
Pair up the trendy light and dark hue of the fall season by grabbing onto one of the eyeshadow duos signed Sonia Rykiel. Featuring a soft shimmery texture and intense pigments, your eyes will receive an instant dose of glamor, so choose to add the perfect touch of 'light and shadow' with the following:
No.11 Blooming Shower - silver pearl with red and blue pearl gold  
No.12 Chipper - pearl gold silver and pearl gold  
No.13 Garden Cafe - pearl light brown and pearl green  
No.14 Buttoned-Down - pearl black gold copper and pearl black
 No.15 Sigh - silver pearl and blue pearl

Heichi Rose Light Lipstick 
Give your lips the ultimate touch of color with this fab lip tint that features color-changing properties, so you can look amazing every time. The lipsticks that feature rose-red tone pigments are also infused with moisturizing ingredients that leave the lips feeling soft and supple and with an intense shine, so check out the pigments and pick your favorites:

No.40 Baby Pink
 No.41 Dazzling Yellow 
No.42 Hua Lihong 
No.43 Turkey Red 
No.44 Passion Berry Red

Sublime Lipstick
Wrap your lips in a lightweight, feel-good lip color that will significantly enhance the beauty of your sexy pout. The formula that is designed to provide an intense shine is also enhanced with moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, rose hip oil, wild rose essence, and vitamin E, so make your lips sizzle and feel fabulous with the following hues:

No.40 Milky Pink - pearl pink  
No.41 Chrome Orange - multi chromatic orange  
No.42 Poppy Red - red with gold pearl  
No.43 Turkey Red - multi chromatic red  
No.44 Raspberry Red - berry red with purple pearl


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Even though I never try to makeup before, but I know that this brand and one of my friends love it very much!

Unknown said...

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