Guest Post From Rachael Sage

Guest Post From Rachael Sage. Hey Lovely readers, I have a guest post for you today, from up and co...

Guest Post From Rachael Sage. Hey Lovely readers, I have a guest post for you today, from up and coming singer Rachael Sage. You can check it out below, plus check out some of her music as well.

I recently changed my hair from purple to magenta, so of course I needed a new lipstick! my former default of dark red just doesn't work well with my new haircolor...

My new favorite is MAC "Impassioned", a great shade of fuchsia. I debuted it recently at my New York CD Release party, and I was really happy with how well it stayed on even after an hour and a half of singing, drinking lots of water, and generally bumping into the microphone, which I do a lot because I shut my eyes when I play piano and guitar! Even after another hour of chatting with friends and fans after the show and going to another club for drinks, it still looked fresh. Plus, it perfectly compliments my favorite Spring wardrobe colors, which at the moment are various shades of purple and blue. On stage, I accentuate it with a little extra gloss on top and maybe even some pink glitter, but I think it looks great just for daytime just as it is. I also appreciate that it's called "Impassioned" - which is exactly what I try to be most, as a songwriter and performer! --

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