2011 and 2012 Fall / Winter Makeup Trends.

2011 and 2012 Fall / Winter Makeup Trends. Top makeup trends to follow for fall 2011. With the fa...

2011 and 2012 Fall / Winter Makeup Trends. Top makeup trends to follow for fall 2011. With the fall season soon upon us, there are many makeup trends for us to try to wake up our passion for makeup. This season some of the biggest makeup trends include the look of bold liners, retro makeup looks and colored shadow. Look below to see the top trends for us to try.

Colored Eyeshadow ( Bold hues or greens, reds, and oranges were all seen on the runway).

Thick Bold Eyeliner

Retro Makeup ( Red Lips Are A Must )

Bold Lip Hues

Bold Brows

Metalic Hues

Dramatic Lashes

Blue Eyeshadow

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socialitedreams said...

i'm down for all that you just mentioned!

crazy4makeup said...

Pretty photos and look ^_*

Anonymous said...

OMG the top three pictures look like zombies! I like all the other pictures though. Yesterday I got a super pretty metallic eye makeup called Summer Storm from a place called Mattify Cosmetic. It looks amazing as a liner and for winter will be good for a smoky eye look. I’m happy that silvery metallic shadow will be in this year, it gives such a sultry sexy look!

I heard that bright blue will be a top color for this winter too. I've ordered the Urban Decay 24/7 shadow stick in an electric blue shade, and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.


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