Bobbi Brown Denim & Rose Collection

Bobbi Brown Denim & Rose Collection. Hitting stores in Fall 2010 Bobbi Brown brings us the Denim & Rose Collection. Almost everyo...

Bobbi Brown Denim & Rose Collection. Hitting stores in Fall 2010 Bobbi Brown brings us the Denim & Rose Collection. Almost everyone wears Denim this days and it's a staple in most of our closets. With this collection we can expect the packaging to be featured in cute little denim materials and it offers an array of blue hues for those that love the color. Look below to see what's in this gorgeous collection. Available in July.

“Everyone looks great in jeans–and anyone can pull off a dark denim eye. To make it wearable, I’ve paired inky blue shadows with pretty roses for lips and cheeks. The combination is casual and put-together, rock& roll but romantic, and modern yet classic all at once.” — Bobbi Brown

Denim & Rose Palette
Packed with deep, shimmering blues, icy grays and pinks for eyes and fresh rose shades for lips and cheeks, this palette is the beauty equivalent of dressed-up denim. Whether you’re in the mood for fresh pink cheeks or a sparkling, smoky eye, you’ll have plenty of options for day or night.

* Navajo Eyeshadow
* Gray Denim Eyeshadow (New)
* PinK Granite Sparkle Eyeshadow (New)
* Dark Rinse Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow (New)
* Iced Lilac Glitter Lip Gloss (New)
* Hot Rose Lip Gloss (New)
* Cool Rose Creamy Lip Color (New)
* Indie Rose Creamy Lip Color (New)
* Pink Rose Blush (New)

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

* Denim Ink

Highlighter Pen

* Bronze
* Opal
* Rose

Sparkle Eyeshadow

* Denim

Denim & Rose Mini Brush Set

* Mini Lip Brush with Cap
* Mini Blush Brush
* Mini Eyeliner Brush
* Mini Angle Eyeshadow Brush

Extreme Party Mascara

* Denim

Shimmer Lip Gloss

* Raspberry



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luminess said...

Bobbi Brown never fails to bring the best products, I already have my denim & rose collection and it is indeed worth the price.



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