Urban Decay De Slick Oil Control Setting Spray and De Slick In A Tube Review

Urban Decay De Slick Oil Control Setting Spray and De Slick In A Tube Review. It's no secret by ...

Urban Decay De Slick Oil Control Setting Spray and De Slick In A Tube Review. It's no secret by now all of my beloved readers know that I had terrible oily skin, and with summer on it's way I just had to try some of the new oil control products Urban Decay was offering.

First Up De Slick Oil Control Setting Spray

What Urban Decay Says It Does:
When the oil production of your face rivals a small OPEC nation, you need a mighty ally. De-Slick uses innovative oil control that both absorbs excess sebum and controls surface shine. The problem-solving formula mists on, feels weightless, and sets makeup so it lasts ALL DAY. Its light dispersing particles deflect shine and deliver a matte look for up to 16 hours. Really.

What I say It Does: I was really surprise by this product it actually works! Usually setting sprays never work on me and they tend to make my skin look dewy and extremely oily. Plus they almost always break me out for some reason. I lightly sprayed this before putting on my new Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation ( which I will be reviewing soon) , applied my makeup and setting powder and then sprayed the de slick spray again. The results... a natural matte complexion that lasted for hours. This product is my new summer must have next to Dr Brandts pores no more. The pair keep my skin looking flawless.

Next Up Urban Decays New De Slick in a Tube

What Urban Decay Says It Does: De-Slick in a Tube provides oil control and oil-absorbing action in an easy-to-use formula. The gel is completely color-neutral, so it works great on naked skin, under foundation, or over makeup. It's formulated to help tighten your pores for a youthful, shine-free finish. It's a great compact-free alternative to stay shine-free day or night!

What I Say It Does: Since I was grabbing the setting spray I decided to try this as well. It has a light gel like consistency that feels great on the skin and my makeup applied easily and smoothly after applying it. As far as makeup primers go this rocks, but if you have seriously oily skin like mine this won't stand up to the heat. It didn't leave me matte for very long and I wasn't crazy about it. I will say that if you have a mild oil problem this will probably work for you, but for serious oily skin I would stay with the Dr. Brandt since the matte finish will last alot longer then the Urban Decay. I also tried wearing both the de slick in a tube primer and the de slick setting spray together to see how it would work with my foundation. I found that when using the setting spray with the Dr. Brandt pores no more primer my foundation lasted alot longer then when using the setting spray and the de slick in the tube.



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Milan said...

I've been wondering about these two products. Thanks for your review! I think i'll grab that setting spray.


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