Mac Zoom Fast Black Lash Collection

Mac Zoom Fast Black Lash Collection. Although this collection is small it will be released on 24 Se...

Mac Zoom Fast Black Lash Collection. Although this collection is small it will be released on 24 Sep along with all the other mini collections for fall. If you love mascara you'll fall in love with this one since it's one of the blackest hues you'll ever find......

Mascara: (Permanent) $13.00USD/$15.50CAD

Zoom Fast Black Lash - Zoom Fast Black Lash creates the most intensely black lashes while adding dramatic volume and length. The formula includes carbon black pitgent, which creates the deepest, richest black ever. ZFBL contains silica to add volume and create beautiful, high dreama lashes. Panthenol and pantethine help to condition and strengthen each lash while a derivative of vitamin e and sodium hyaluronate help keep the lashes hydrated, soft and flexible.

The patented, perfectly sculpted brush ahs 3-sided fibres that grap onto each lash, separating and coating each lash evenlyin one stroke. ZFBL is smudgeproof, non-flaking, long-wearing, ophalmologist-and dermatologist-tested.

  • Shade: Deepest Black - The blackest of blacks


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