Mac Colour Craft Swatches and Review

Mac Colour Craft Swatches and Review. The Colour Craft collection was all about Msfs and so many co...

Mac Colour Craft Swatches and Review. The Colour Craft collection was all about Msfs and so many colors from the collection were breathtakingly gorgeous. If you're a big fan of Msfs make sure you pick up some goodies. Many worry that the Msfs are really glittery but I think Mac really turned it down this time around and made sure that nothing was too over the top glittery. The eyeshadows were also alot creamier and easier to apply then with other collections. One of my favorite Msf's was Sunny By Nature because it was so close to my skin tone and it was so soft and more matte then some of the others from the collection. The lip glosses were also alot easier to apply then with the sugarsweet collection. and they are also more pigmented. Look below to see swatches from the collection.

Product Photos

Msf Eyeshadow Swatches

Swatches of Msf Eyeshadow Odd Bits

Swatches of Msf Eyeshadow Girlish Romp

Swatches of Mfs Eyeshadow Eccentricity

Msf Skinfinshes

Swatches of Smooth Merge

Swatch of Sunny By Nature ( It goes so well with my skintone and works as an all over color or blush)

Swatches of Warm Blend (another great msf for my skintone)

Msf Blushes

Swatches of Cheek & Cheerful and Fad-dabulous Plus another swatch of Sunny By Nature.


Swatches of Madly Creative, Embellish

Swatch of Made With Love


Swatches of
Pretty Pattern , Eclectic Edge



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