Bliss Fat Girl Slim Review and Bliss Love Handler Review

Bliss Fat Girl Slim Review and Bliss Love Handler Review . Summer days and nights are quickly appro...

Bliss Fat Girl Slim Review and Bliss Love Handler Review. Summer days and nights are quickly approaching and I wanted to look great this summer in a simple pair of shorts or in a swim suit. Who am I kidding I want to look great period and cellulite is not pleasing to the eye any time of year. For a while now I've heard about Bliss and their wonderful "slimming products" so I had to try it for myself. So I purchased Bliss Fat Girl Slim and The Love Handler from sephora.

What Sephora and Bliss Says It Does:
Fat Girl Slim:
A lean, mean circulation stimulating, slimming cream for the body.
With caffeine and QuSomes (a proprietary delivery enhancer that helps penetration), this rich cream helps smooth the skin as it firms, trims, tones, and energizes.
The Love Handler:
Wages war on not-so-hard 'core' areas with caffeine, to whittle the look of your middle and tone pudgy tummies. Cooling mint oil and naturally-derived amino acid help to boost energy and make lingering lipids depart on the double. (It's 'ab'-solutely fabulous, if we do say so ourselves.)

What I Say It Does: All I have to say is wow if you are having some serious issues in your body that you want to smooth out do yourself a favor and purchase these two babies today. The Fat Girl Slim says that it takes 28 days to see results but honestly I saw them within two weeks of using it everyday twice a day. My legs are so smooth and no bumps or bulges and I've even managed to fit into my skinny skinny jeans again. The Bliss Love Handler product tinges when you put it on but if you use it right before you work out or do your core workout you will get fast results. This isn't a miracle product but I believe that if you're really trying to tone up your body and you work out on a regular basis you will see great results with both products. I know I have. The only downside is that you will probably go through your jar of Fat Girl Slim very quickly.



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