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Shadow Shields Review. Recently I purchased Shadow Shields a new way to protect your eye makeup from giving you raccoon eyes. We all hate...

Shadow Shields Review. Recently I purchased Shadow Shields a new way to protect your eye makeup from giving you raccoon eyes. We all hate raccoon eyes and yes it can be caused by your eye makeup. Shadow shields offers a simple solution, simply place the shield under your eyes when applying eye makeup to reduce the eyeshadow from falling down and giving your raccoon eyes.

What Shadow Shields Says It Does: Shadow Shields are the only product of its kind to truly eliminate messy "raccoon eyes" caused by applying eye makeup. Recommended and used by industry leading makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts world wide, Shadow Shields are also ideal for lash tinting, extensions, and airbrush!
They are half moon shaped adhesives that are placed under the eye before applying eye makeup. Any excess product that falls is caught by the shields, leaving you with clean under eyes!!
Shadow Shields are giving women everywhere the confidence they need to apply eye makeup, while making the job of a makeup artist a little easier!

What I say It Does: I love love this product. I hate getting raccoon eyes when trying to create the perfect smokey eye look. The shields are a great new addition to my make up collection and I would recommend them to any girl that loves wearing eye makeup. They are easy to use, you simply peel them off from the adhesive on the back and place them under your eye. Make sure you do one eye at a time. There are two ways to prevent raccoon eyes when you are applying eye makeup, shadow shields and by applying your eye makeup first and then your foundation and regular makeup. I would not recommend using this product everyday, but for those days when you're applying smokey eye looks this is the perfect product to use. You can purchase shadow shields for only 16.95 and you get 50 shields. You can also cheat and use one shield for two eyes. The shields will also last you a while depending on how often you use them.

Front and back of shields

my box of 50.


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